Adoricum © - Night of the Master 2.0

The beats boom, the desire increases ... come with me to the Adoricum(c). The new maledom board game from Triskelia & friends is traditional and innovative, exciting and surprising at the same time. A game that takes you through a fetish party, straight into the world of female domination. Interested couples can playfully get to know and try out practices and thus leave inhibitions behind and create an erotic, exciting and also funny evening together. The game is cooperative and highly flexible so everyone can adjust the level of difficulty and practices to suit their needs. Interested newcomers and maledom couples looking for swing and variety can enrich themselves. Enter the Adoricum.

The game comes to you with many materials that are lovingly handcrafted in Germany. With a neutral, black box in which there is still plenty of space for your toys too. You can put together your own personal, small game package.

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Handmade in Germany

Handmade, high quality game material. Specially made for femdom needs

Playing materials

1 gameboard,
1 game instruction,
1 storyboard
8 game characters,
1 dice,
over 100 cards,
1 pencil
and 4 Clamps


All over 100 cards can also be drawn online using our random generator tool
The whole story is available for you in 7 .mp3 story tracks